Sep. Court of Honor

Post date: Sep 29, 2017 1:05:53 AM

I would like to thank all of the parents and scouts for attending our special Court of Honor and Eagle Scout Ceremony this evening. This was an event to recognize all of the hard work and dedication that our scouts were able to accomplish since the last Court of Honor. There was a significant amount of merit badges and rank advancements handed out and everyone should be proud. Along with the normal Court of Honor, we held an Eagle Scout Ceremony for Wolfgang to celebrate his achievement in completing his trail to Eagle.

Below are the awards and recognition that were presented at the Court of Honor:

Service Stars

  • C.H.: 2 years
  • T.W.: 3 years
  • I.S.: 4 years

Merit Badges

  • T.W.: Auto Maintenance, Camping, Canoe, Citizenship In Community, Citizenship In Nation, and Citizenship In World
  • C.H.: Archery, Camping, Chess, and Rifle Shooting.
  • I.S.: Archery, Chess, Communication, Kayaking, Sculpture, Canoe, and Personal Management
  • B.V.: Art, Canoe, and First Aid
  • C.V.: Art, Canoe, and First Aid
  • J.W.: Art and Mammal Study

Rank Advancement

  • J.W.: Scout
  • B.V.: Tenderfoot
  • C.V.: Tenderfoot
  • C.H.: Second Class

Special Awards

  • C.Y.: Eagle Bronze Palm