Scoutmaster minutes - 5-15-18

Post date: May 16, 2018 3:59:34 AM

We are 5 weeks away from summer camp. The scouts spent the first part of the meeting discussing what they may take during summer camp. Handouts for the Program Guide with a list of merit badges offered and their pre-reqs were sent home for them to review and decide what they may want to take. Next week, they will visit the troop's library and borrow the MB books for the MBs that they are interested in taking. This will give them a few weeks to review the materials and finish any pre-reqs before camp.

Then we discussed a few volunteering opportunities coming up. Next week, I will ask for commitments on who will be helping with the laying of the flags and marching in the Memorial Day parade.

The scouts then ended the meeting by practicing their round lashings. This week, they lashed 5 poles together to make a bridge that ants could use to cross the alligator infested river.

Also, I wanted to include a picture of two studious scouts in the Auto Maintenance MB clinic at MBSS last weekend: