Astronomy Campout

Post date: Aug 28, 2017 3:08:51 AM

The scouts had an out of this world campout as we visited Camp Hugh Taylor Birch for the Annual Troop Planning and Astronomy Campout. During the day they planned the events for upcoming year and earned the Solar Eclipse patch. Saturday night we traveled the short distance to John Bryan State Park where the Miami Valley Astronomical Society (MVAS) was holding a free star gazing event in the parking lot near the observatory. Thanks to the volunteer MVAS members, the scouts were able to observe Saturn, Mizar and Alcor (double star system in the Big Dipper), terminator line on the moon, some Nebulae, Andromeda, and even a satellite as it zoomed across the sky through a variety of different size telescopes and high powered binoculars.

A draft of the Troop Calendar has been posted. It will be finalized after the next Troop Committee meeting.