Scoutmaster minutes - 10-24-17

Post date: Oct 25, 2017 3:14:10 AM

Popcorn update: Brayden is in the lead by the slightest of margins. As we pull into the final 2 weeks, we will be holding one more Cruise n' Sell, this Saturday (details below). Four scouts have earned enough money to pay for summer camp (and more). Good job guys (and parents for all of your help).

Tonight we swore in our new Senior Patrol Leader, I.S., and our new Patrol Leader, C.V.

In the following weeks they will fill the other troop positions based on what the other members requested and troop need. The scouts then went to work on ideas for upcoming troop meetings. The new leaders will meet at the next Patrol Leader's conference to put together meeting plans.

Finally, pictures for the Eagle Scout Campout are posted online at For a fall campout, we couldn't have asked for any better weather. The scouts worked very hard and were able to accomplish installing 10 bat boxes by 4:30 PM on Saturday. They even had enough time to perform another service project at the campsite by clearing old pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns from the main area.