Scoutmaster minutes from 8/8/17

Post date: Aug 13, 2017 7:50:58 PM

Enjoying the nice weather, the scouts ventured outside to complete their physical fitness requirements. At the end of the meeting Caden reviewed some knots. At the next meeting, we will be preparing the menu for the August campout.

Upcoming Events:

Merit Badge Super Saturday - Aug 12

I handed out blue cards to everyone who asked for one. Good luck to everyone attending.

Annual Planning/Stargazing Campout - Aug 25-27

This year we will be going to Camp Birch for our annual planning campout. This is where the scouts bring their ideas for what they want to do next year and we plan it out. On Saturday night, the Miami Valley Astronomical Society will be holding a free stargazing event at John Bryan State Park. They bring out their telescopes and allow anyone who shows up to view the wonders of space with them. Last time we went, we were able to view the rings of Saturn (although the view was not as good as what Cassini has).

Canoe Clinic Campout - Sep 8-10

We will be camping at Camp Lazarus and traveling to Alum Creek for the canoeing merit badge. All scouts who are participating in the canoeing merit badge will need to have completed and passed the BSA Swim test. For those that don't want to canoe or have not passed the swim test, we will be working on scouting skills.

Court of Honor - Sep. 19

Families are welcome to come to this event and watch the scouts be recognized for the achievements they have made since April.