Scoutmaster minutes - 7-24-2018

posted Jul 24, 2018, 7:59 PM by Scout Master   [ updated Jul 24, 2018, 8:00 PM ]

The scouts couldn't have asked for better weather for a hike today.  This morning it looked a little dreary, but by 7 PM, the clouds started to clear and blue skies could be seen.  Although our hike only ended up being about a mile, mainly because we stopped multiple times to explore, fun was had by all.  Everyone pitched in and spotted 10 kinds of different wild animals: from the bison, to a small frog, and even dragonflies. Along the way, they also spotted 10 types of native plants: mushrooms, and trees, and even some poison sumac.

I have uploaded some pictures online at

Next week we will be meeting back at the church for our regular meeting.

Scoutmaster minutes - 5-15-18

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We are 5 weeks away from summer camp.  The scouts spent the first part of the meeting discussing what they may take during summer camp.   Handouts for the Program Guide with a list of merit badges offered and their pre-reqs were sent home for them to review and decide what they may want to take. Next week, they will visit the troop's library and borrow the MB books for the MBs that they are interested in taking.  This will give them a few weeks to review the materials and finish any pre-reqs before camp.

Then we discussed a few volunteering opportunities coming up.  Next week, I will ask for commitments on who will be helping with the laying of the flags and marching in the Memorial Day parade.

The scouts then ended the meeting by practicing their round lashings.  This week, they lashed 5 poles together to make a bridge that ants could use to cross the alligator infested river.

Also, I wanted to include a picture of two studious scouts in the Auto Maintenance MB clinic at MBSS last weekend:

Scoutmaster minutes - 3-6-2018

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Tonight our troop welcomed the Webelos Arrow of Light Scouts from Pack 392 for an adventure outside.  C.V. led a discussion about how to Geocache safely and respect the environment.  Then they accompanied the Webelos outside and helped them with finding two Geocaches that were hidden prior to the meeting.

Along with finding the First Class Cache, they also placed a Geocaching Trackable in it.  Trackables are physical items in the cache that fellow Geocachers move to other caches and you can track their progress online.  You can follow it's journey at

After the meeting, we had a quick discussion about the campout this weekend.  We will be meeting at the church in our Class A uniforms on Friday night at 5:30 to leave. Also, please have your scouts leave their phones at home.  It looks like the weather will cooperate for us this weekend with highs in the low 40's and the rain holding off until Sunday afternoon.  However, I still recommend bringing rain gear and boots along with a pair of shoes. So far the scouts have planned a hike and a flag retirement ceremony for Saturday.  Please remember to bring a few board or card games.

The menu that the scouts decided on is below:

 - Cracker Barrel: Slim jims and apples

 - Breakfast: Pancakes, sausages, apples, bananas, OJ, and milk
 - Lunch: Cheeseburger pie, with Regular and BBQ chips
 - Dinner: Chicken and dumplings with apples
 - Cracker Barrel: Peanut butter or chocolate chip cookies

 - Breakfast:  Danishes

Also, I have posted some pictures from the Mad River Mountain Tubing event we went on last Sunday online at: What a difference a week makes, the weather was perfect for tubing and they had made some fresh snow for the weekend, which led to slick tracks.  A big thank you to all the adults who chauffeured the scouts and to Mr. Hobbs for buying lunch for the troop.

Scoutmaster minutes - 12-5-2017

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It is hard to believe but it is December and the winter weather is nipping at our heals.  The scouts met in the gym today to review First Aid.  They started off with a few scenarios and then played First Aid Baseball with a slight spin.

The scouts also were assigned items to bring for the Holiday Party on the 19th.  Below are the assignments:
- C.V.
- C.H.
- T.W.

- J.W.
- B.V.
- I.S.

Finally, the Patrol Leaders Council met today and started to plan out the troop activities for January.  Some of the topics will be knife safety and hiking/camping skills, along with getting ready for the January camp-in.

Scoutmaster minutes - 11-21-17

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Being the meeting before Thanksgiving, the scouts had a lot to be thankful about...most of which is not being in one of the survival scenarios that they practiced at tonight's meeting.  C.H. and C.V.'s team won the contest by 5 points for correct their correct answers on what gear to bring.

Inline image 1

Scoutmaster Minutes - 11-14-17

posted Nov 14, 2017, 6:51 PM by Scout Master   [ updated Nov 21, 2017, 8:16 PM ]

At tonight's meeting, the rest of the troop's positions were assigned:
  • Quartermaster - BV
  • Troop Historian - CH
  • Librarian - JW
  • ASPL - TW
The positions for the troop are now complete.  Please congratulate all the scouts on their new positions.

We also celebrated JW's birthday with cake and ice cream and some friendly games of dodgeball.

Get Air Outing - Nov 7, 2017

posted Nov 7, 2017, 8:04 PM by Scout Master   [ updated Nov 7, 2017, 8:06 PM ]

With the church being used to allow the fine citizens of Grove City to exercise their right to vote tonight, the scouts decided to do a little exercising of their Get Air in Hilliard.  Not only did the scouts meet a potential new member, Robby, but they also saw Ben (a Life Scout from our troop), who was working tonight.  He even helped his troop in a game of dodge ball.  Pictures from tonight are posted online at

Scoutmaster minutes - 10-24-17

posted Oct 24, 2017, 8:14 PM by Scout Master   [ updated Oct 24, 2017, 8:14 PM ]

Popcorn update:  Brayden is in the lead by the slightest of margins.  As we pull into the final 2 weeks, we will be holding one more Cruise n' Sell, this Saturday (details below).  Four scouts have earned enough money to pay for summer camp (and more).  Good job guys (and parents for all of your help).

Tonight we swore in our new Senior Patrol Leader, I.S., and our new Patrol Leader, C.V
Inline image 1In the following weeks they will fill the other troop positions based on what the other members requested and troop need.  The scouts then went to work on ideas for upcoming troop meetings.  The new leaders will meet at the next Patrol Leader's conference to put together meeting plans.

Finally, pictures for the Eagle Scout Campout are posted online at  For a fall campout, we couldn't have asked for any better weather.  The scouts worked very hard and were able to accomplish installing 10 bat boxes by  4:30 PM on Saturday.  They even had enough time to perform another service project at the campsite by clearing old pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns from the main area. 

Scoutmaster minutes 10-17-17

posted Oct 17, 2017, 8:31 PM by Scout Master   [ updated Oct 17, 2017, 8:32 PM ]

First, I would like to personally thank all of the scouts who came out and helped clean up Mulberry Run as part of the Grove City Creek Sweep last Saturday.  Working with the other scout troops in Grove City, we were able to clean 2.65 miles of creek and removed about 800 lbs. of trash.  Both the mayor and the director of the Parks and Recreation Department Environmental division were grateful for your help.  Photos from our portion of the effort are online at
Secondly, the scouts have done an amazing job selling popcorn this year.  They have sold slightly over $5500 this year.  And with a few more weeks left, they could top $6K.  Good job on all your hard work so far.

Tonight was a busy night as the scouts held elections and went over the campout this weekend.  For the campout, we will be meeting at the church at 3 PM.  The campsite is 2 hours away and this will allow them to get camp set prior to night fall. The weather looks good for fall camping.  The days will be in the mid 70's with it getting down into the mid 40's at night.  It will be a good idea to bring a coat, hat, and boots for the morning and evening.  Maybe even an extra blanket for sleeping with and some hand warmers.  They also planned the menu, which is listed below:

  Dinner/Cracker Barrel: Pizza

  Breakfast: Frosted Flakes, oatmeal, and apples, and bannanas
  Lunch: Chicken Noodle Soup, PBJs
  Dinner: Pork Chops with mashed potatoes and green beans
  Cracker Barrel: Smores

  Breakfast: Danishes 

The scouts voted and the new Senior Patrol Leader will be I.S., and the new Patrol Leader of the combined patrol Flying Horned Diamonds will be C.V..  Congratulations!  Next week we will start the transition from the old leadership to the new and work on filling the other positions in the troop.

Scoutmaster minutes 10-3-2017

posted Oct 3, 2017, 8:58 PM by Scout Master   [ updated Oct 17, 2017, 8:33 PM ]

Congratulations to all of our young entrepreneurs as our troop has sold over $4000 worth of popcorn this year and we still have a few weeks left to sell. Remember even if we have run out of the popcorn, we can order if for delivery in Nov. 

Also, thank you to all of the scouts who turned in their Election forms.  You will be giving speeches next week and voting.

Tonight the scouts helped Isaiah with his Eagle Scout project by assembling bat boxes.  With a little elbow grease and hard work, we were able to complete almost all of them.  Some pictures have been posted here ( Next week, Isaiah has asked if the troop can help paint the boxes.  For this, we will try to be outside (weather permitting).   He will send out additional information about this later.

Finally, we have a few upcoming activities.   I forgot to mention that Creek Sweep is coming up on Oct. 14.  I will send out a survey to find out who is able to make it for that.   I also sent out a survey for the Newport Aquarium day trip on Nov. 4th.   The cost will be around $15 + food.  Since it is a day trip, we are inviting families to come along.   We will leave the church around 8 AM in the morning to spend the day there.  Please respond to the survey so I know how many tickets to purchase.

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