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  Missionary's Pancake Dinner
Link to Pancake Dinner pictures

Feb. Cabin Campout
Link to cabin campout pictures

Scout Sunday 2020
Scout Sunday - Troop Picture

Jan Camp-in/Shed Clean-out
Scouts cleaning gear

Court of Honor: Jan 21
Troop receiving awards

Monster Mash + JOTA
Monster Mash and Jamboree on the Air pictures

 Creek Sweep
Grove City Creek Sweep 2019

Court of Honor: Oct 1

Arts in the Alley 2019
Planning Campout - 2019
Planning Campout 2019

Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls

Summer Camp 2019
2019 Summer Camp

Survival Campout 2019
2019 Survival Campout

Mayor's Breakfast
Grove City Mayor's Breakfast

Nature Hike
Nature hike at Scioto Grove Metro Park

Memorial Day Parade 2019
Memorial Day 2019

Laying of the Flags - 2019
Laying of the Flags - 2019

The Wilds Campout - May 2019
The Wilds 2019
 Car Wash #1 - May 2019
Car Wash Fundraiser

Biking Campout - April 2019

Ohio Valley Spring Camp-o-ree
At Mount Oval

Pancake Dinner Volunteering

 Escape Room -
Breakout Columbus

Military Collection Presentation

Annual Shed Clean-out/Camp-in
Mad River Mountain 2019


 Holiday Party - 2018

 Court of Honor 2018
Isaiah's Eagle Ceremony

Get Air

Buckeye Trail Hike

Horsemanship Campout

Arts in the Alley 2018
Fishing Campout

Battelle Darby Creek

GPS Outing

Summer Camp 2018
Troop 392 at Camp Falling Rock

Memorial Day Parade

Laying of the Flags

Thunderbase 2018

April Survival Campout

March Campout

2018 Mad River Mountain

Shed Clean-out Camp-in

January Cabin Campout

Pack 392 Pinewood Derby



Get Air
Isaiah and Chris bury Aaron in the foam pit

Newport Aquarium
Troop at the Newport Aquarium

 Isaiah Eagle Project Campout    
Isaiah Eagle Scout Project campout
Grove City Creek Sweep
BSA Troop 392 helping with Grove City Creek Sweep 2017

Sep. Court of Honor
BSA Troop 392 Court of Honor - Sep 2017

Arts in the Alley Parade
Boy Scout Troop 392 marching in the 2017 Arts in the Alley Parade

Canoe Clinic Campout
Troop 392 participating in the SKC Canoe Clinic

Astronomy Campout
Troop 392 at Camp Birch for Astronomy Campout

 Summer Camp 2017
Boy Scout Troop 392 Summer Camp 2017
 Creek Cleanup
Boy Scout Troop 392 cleaning Brown Run in Grove City
 Memorial Day Parade
Boy Scout Troop 392 marching in the Grove City, Ohio, Memorial Day Parade
 Laying of the Flags
Boy Scout Troop 392 placing flags on the Veteran's graves at Grove City Cemetary
 Skills Campout

 April Court of Honor
 Mad River Mtn
 Scout Sunday

 Climbing Outing
 Cabin Campout
 Get Air Outing
 Oct. Court of Honor
Grove City Creek Sweep
Boy Scout Troop 392 participating in Grove City Creek Sweep 2016
 Cooking Dead Campout
 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
 Ohio State Fair
Boy Scout Troop 392 at the Ohio State Fair
 Church cleanup
 Olentangy Indian Cavern
 Obstacle Run
 Summer Camp 2016

 June Court of Honor

 Memorial Day Parade
Boy Scout Troop 392 marching in the 2016 Grove City Memorial Day Parade
 Laying of the Flags

 Get Air
 Obstacle HORSE Game
 Tri-Creek Fall Camporee
 Oct. Court of Honor
 Astronomy Campout
 Summer Camp 2015
 Heritage Days Campout
 Memorial Day Parade
Lining up....ready to march
 Laying of the Flags
 Old Man's Cave Hike
 Fishing Campout
 Mad River Mtn


Sep Court of Honor

 Arts in the Alley

 Grandville Zip Line
Summer Camp 2012


Matthew's Eagle Court

Summer Camp Pre-Req Campout

Memorial Day Parade

Basic Skills Campout

 Car Wash

Crossover from Pack 82
 Pack 392 Visit

Scout Sunday

Troop Leadership Training

Pack 392 Crossover


 Fall Camporee

Scouting for Food

 Zach's Crossover

Popcorn Show 'n Sell
Boy Scout-Webelos Campout
Photo: Nate Wanner

 New Scout Leaders
Arts in the Alley

Aug Court of Honor
 Olentangy Indian Caverns
The Wilds Campout

 Mathew's Eagle Scout Project

 Centennial Camporall

Creek Cleanup - Fall
 Pro Football Hall Of Fame

Summer Camp 2010

Summer Camp Pre-Req Campout
Memorial Day Parade

 Adventure Base

Tree Planting

 Creek Cleanup

Car Wash
Maple Syrup Festival

State House Tour
 Blue Gold / Court of Honor

Scout Sunday
Pine Wood Derby
 Air Force Museum


Holiday Party

First Aid-O-Ree 

Meet, Greet, and Compete
Meet, Greet and Compete
Troop 392 bowling


 Unknown Campout

 Unknown Campout

 Unknown Pioneering Event

 Unknown Campouts

Unknown Climbing Campout

Unknown Campout at Lazarus

BSA Action